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Solar Panel Installer Tamworth

Solar panel installer Tamworth

Solar Panel Installers in Tamworth

As a trusted local solar panel installer based at Kingsbury Link in Tamworth, we have over 25 years expertise in the renewable industry. We are an award winning heating company that has installed numerous solar panel installations across Tamworth and wider Midlands area. 

As a solar panel installer in Tamworth, Renuvo provide site based surveys for all customers based in the Tamworth area. Although we carry out an initial desktop survey of your property, this will be followed up by a site survey by a member of our installations team. 

Solar Photovoltaic Installations

Solar PV Systems Tamworth

Once you complete your initial enquiry using either our enquiry form or calling us on 01827 870 950, we undertake a desktop survey to determine if your property is suitable for a solar panel installation. If we feel that your property is suitable, we will arrange a site survey within a week to discuss your requirements in more details.

Once this has been undertaken, we will provide a detailed proposal including a 3D design showing you what your system will look like, calculations regarding how much energy you are likely to produce and information regarding payback.  Our team will also discuss options for battery storage and the type of systems available to you. 

If you are interested in a Solar Panel installation and live in the Tamworth area, please do get in contact today.

Installing Solar Panels in Tamworth

The Benefits of Solar PV Systems

Solar PV Systems

You can considerably reduce your electricity bills, especially when installed with a battery storage system. A typical 4KW system can save you up to 75% on your electricity bills

Domestic solar panels

As well as generating your own electricity, you will be contributing to a more sustainable planet and reducing your carbon footprint

You can combine solar PV with other renewable technologies such as heat pumps or solar hot water systems. These technologies work well with each other, as solar PV could help power a heat pump

Solar PV installations are low maintenance and often regarded as fit and forget. They require little maintenance and if installed correctly, will continue to generate electricity all year round

Considerations for Solar PV Systems

Things To Consider

Like any new renewable energy systems, the initial capital costs can be expensive. A household with a family of 3-4 people would commonly have a 4kW system installed, which has a price range of approximately £6,000-£8,000

Solar PV Systems

Although your property does not need to be south facing, Solar PV works best when the panels are in direct sunlight throughout the day. Any shading or nearby properties can reduce reduce the efficiency of your panels if there is any shading

Solar Electricity Installation

How Does Solar PV Work?

– Sun’s energy converted into DC voltage by PV panels on roof

– Inverter converts DC voltage into ‘useable’ AC voltage

– Generation meter records production

– Electricity generated used in household appliances during the day

– Unused electricity fed back into National Grid

Solar Panel Installer Tamworth

The cost of installing a Solar PV array really does depend on a number of factors including the size of your property, size of your array and whether you install battery storage.

A 4KW solar pv installation will costs from £8500. This would typically include:

  • A bespoke design, tailored to the property
  • Installation schematics
  • Lifetime technical support
  • MCS support to successfully apply for the RHI (if applicable)
  • Setup of remote energy monitoring
Solar Panel Installer Tamworth

Solar Panel Performance Monitoring

How To Monitor Your PV System

During a solar panel installation, we will setup and guide you through the process of using the system’s monitoring platform. Below is an example of a Lux Power Tek system monitoring platform.  The monitoring platform is accessed either via an app or logging into your account through a browser. The app allows the user to view, edit and change system settings as well as monitoring the solar panel performances, the yield, battery charge rate and import or export figures. You can view an example monitoring system by clicking here

Solar Panel Installations

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Battery Storage Systems

In some cases, solar panels may not be the best option for your property. This may be to do with that you do not have enough roof space or the is a lot of shading due to trees or nearby properties. If this is the case, it might be worth considering an AC Coupled Battery Storage System

An AC Controller is a battery storage system that allows you to charge batteries during lower or ‘off-peak’ tariffs throughout the day or night and then discharge this energy when rates are at their highest. For example, Octopus Go allow a 4-hour window for charging between 12:30 and 4:30 at a lower rate. This means you are able to charge and store this energy and then use it throughout the day. 

For more information on Battery Storage Systems, please click the link below or call us on 01827 870 950

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Solar PV systems

We are based in Kingsbury Link in Tamworth. We operate right across the Midlands but have our main office in Tamworth. 

Having a south-facing property will mean your solar pv system will have direct sunlight, thus improving the efficiency and yield from your solar panels. This is because your solar panels on your roof will have direct sun-light all day long. However, solar panels also work on West/East facing roofs but will not get the same sort of yield as if it was south-facing.

You may want to consider a split system where you place solar panels on your east / west roof and optimise your solar pv system. An optimised pv system ensures that if one panel is not producing the yield  due to not being in direct sunlight, the other panels will continue to work properly and efficiently.  This is something we can discuss with you during your initial survey or consultation.  

Since the fade-out of the Feed in Tariff, where you would be paid between 0.30 – 0.45p per kw you generated from your solar pv system, the financial case for exporting the energy you produce back to your supplier has become less appealing. As it stands, The Smart Export Scheme enables homeowners to export back to their supplier at around .05 pence per KW produced. This is obviously substantially lower than the days of the Feed in Tariff and when you compare this to how much you are charged to import per KW, the case for storing and using the energy produced really stacks. Solar panels and battery storage is an excellent combination for homeowners who can generate energy from their PV systems in the daylight and utilise the storage energy at night. 

Solar PV and Battery Storage are are a great combination. Battery storage can be added to an existing solar panel installation by retrofitting a hybrid solar inverter and installing batteries. Alternatively, you do not necessarily. need to install solar panels if your property is not suitable. A possible solution to this is to install an AC coupled battery system that is linked directly to the grid. Therefore, if you have a lower off-peak tariff at night, you can change your battery system during lower rate electricity and then use this energy in the day when the rate is higher. This works well if you are on an economy 7 or Octopus Go tariff.  

A solar panel inverter and battery system can be easily stored in a garage, cupboard or even your loft space. It is worth bearing in mind that some battery systems are quite heavy and therefore may need extra support if installed in a loft space. 

Yes, if you have a lower off peak tariff that kicks in at night, you will be able to program your inverter to force charging during lower rate times. This often works well in the winter months when your solar panel system may not generate the yields to fully charge your batteries during the day. Again, if you force your batteries to charge when the rate is lower, you will benefit from a considerable saving during the daytime. 

Yes,  The great thing about our Lux AC & GreenLinx lithium batteries are they are modular which means you don’t have to jump into spending lots of money on battery storage. You can simply start off with a two-battery system and increase your battery capacity later by simply adding another. 

From start to finish and commissioning, a solar panel installation including battery storage can take 2-3 days. This includes time for the scaffolding company to erect the scaffolding, the roofer to install the mounting equipment and place the panels and then the electrician to install the inverter, battery storage and monitoring system. 

Our Solar PV team will gather as much information from you during the site survey to design a system that is right for your requirements. We offer detailed designs to enable you to make a clear and informed decision regarding your new Solar PV installation. We also provide 3D imagery so you can see exactly how your Solar Panels will look on your property once they are installed. 

Solar Panel Installer Tamworth

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