The GReen Homes Grant Scheme

Green Homes Grant Scheme Update

As of the 20th August 2021, Renuvo will no longer be installing solar thermal systems under the current Green Home Grant Schemes. We understand that the whole process has been incredibly frustrating for you due to the lack of clarity regarding your survey/installation and the fact that his was not communicated with you in the first instance. We wanted to take this opportunity to explain to you the reasons behind this delay and our position on this moving forward:

One the main factors behind the delays was to do with the high volumes of enquiries we received in the first few months of the scheme opening up. This was coupled with that fact that our supply chains for materials (Solar Panels & Solar Cylinders) stopped during the COVID lockdown and have only just started to pick up again. Due to these lockdowns and materials being shipped from Europe, this ultimately led to customers waiting longer for surveys and resulted in a massive backlog of work that we were unable to honour at the time. To add to the problems, out of the 16 installations we had completed, only 1 has been paid by the Green Homes Scheme, which has ultimately led to a massive loss for our small company. In some cases where an initial survey had taken place by our partners at First Eco, it was then followed up by a technical survey by a representative from Renuvo and deemed that the property was not suitable for a solar thermal installation. There are obviously many variables that we need to take into consideration when quoting for any work and ultimately we would never proceed with an installation if we didn’t think the customer would not get the full benefits of the measure installed. 

We appreciate that these reasons do not provide a solution for you but we wanted to be honest and open about where we are with the scheme and the impact it has had on our organisation. As a result and with regret, we are unable to fulfil any other installations under the current scheme. The red-tape, coupled with Government bureaucracy has unfortunately led to the closure of a number of our partners and resulted in many contractors refusing to undertake any work under the current scheme. We are now in a position where we need to address the issues and act accordingly to limit the reputational and financial damage the scheme has already done to our organisation.

Getting in Contact

If you would like to contact us for further information, please email quoting your address and voucher number (If you have this). 

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