Ground Source Heat Pumps: Save On Your Heating Bills

Ground Source Heat Pumps are a great way to save on your heating bills, by producing sustainable and renewable energy from the ground

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Efficiency, sustainable and savings

Ground Source Heat Pumps are an effective and environmentally-friendly investment that can help you save up to 50% on heating bills when compared to conventional heating systems. Using heat from the ground, ground-to-water heat pump transfers heat from the ground outside your home to heat your radiators or underfloor heating. 

benefit #1

One of the most energy-efficient water heating systems

You could save between £790 to £1425 per year your heating bills when you install a GSHP to replace an electric system. With a long life-span and consistent heat throughout the year, GSHP’s are one of the most reliable and efficient low carbon heating measures available 


Ground Source Heat Pumps
RHI Payment for Homeowners

benefit #2

Government incentives for low-carbon heating

The Renewable Heat Incentive pays 21.17 p/kWh of energy generated by heat pumps. With payments paid out on a quarterly basis, you will receive variable payments depending on the system itself, the tariff you are on and your qualifying criteria. 

benefit #3

Save time and money

Low running costs and low maintenance, all while saving you time. Ground Source Heat Pumps are the green way to go. By investing in dual measures such as Solar PV panels as well as Ground Source Heating, your property becomes carbon neutral. Learn more about low-carbon combined heating and power.

benefit #3

So how does it work?

The video on the left-hand side of the page from The Energy Saving Trust is a quick example of how an Ground Source Heat Pump generates heat for your home. 

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Generating Renewable Energy

With such so many different renewable energy technologies available, it can be a daunting process trying to find the right one that suits your property.  The above links provide useful information about each specific technology and how this may benefit you and your property.